January Workshop Success

RB Voice January Workshop was an absolute success, so much so we will do it again. If you didn’t make it for this January, you definitely don’t want to miss this March workshop event. We can only expect this event to grow bigger and bigger. We went through a fantastic and really instructive weekend full of talent, with some of the most successful coaches and tutors. I really suggest you look them up online.

On Thursday 21st we invited Michele Fischietti to Mulberry Cottage. Michele taught us chords, harmonies and songwriting. Have you ever asked yourself how piano chords make you feel? And how can you use that chords to create a sad song? Or maybe you already know that you want to write an happy song but you can’t find the right feelings in the chords. I’m making everything more easy here , the truth is that with Michele there was something magical in the air, in the way he was playing that piano that we ended up writing a song with the title ‘Hold On’ , and we are already planning to arrange and record this song at our next events.

Thanks to all the people that joined in the workshop, you all made it a special creative evening.

On Saturday 22nd we had another fantastic workshop with an incredible lady, Rhonda Carlson. Did you ever want to get over that stage fright? Have you ever wanted to connect with that song you sing, and move your audience to tears? Or maybe you want to make them smile, and make them feel your frustration or anger through performance. What about that terrible feeling on stage of ‘what do I do with my hands?’ Rhonda is the coach you need. Rhonda gave us some really good exercises to break the ice and a lot of tools to help us to connect our inner self with the music and with the audience. Each of the singers and songwriters we had at the workshop stood up and performed their own song, the end result was absolutely amazing, 'the very molecoles in the room seemed to change' (Glenn Close). With Rhonda you can actually see how the performance changes from the beginning to the end.

Following Rhonda’s performing class we had Matt Burdinowski and Zofia Prucnal. We went through some very cool rhythm exercises and vocal improvisation. If you struggle with rhythm you don’t want to miss this class in the future, you get to do some really cool games too, and they become more challenging as you progress developing a better sense of rhythm and vocal co-ordination, and did I mention that is all done in choir and using the names of fruits!!!! pomegranate, pomegranettt, pomeeegranate etc... you get my drift?

On sunday 24th we did an IVA introductory presentation for those singers and teachers interested in finding more out about the IVA technique. Plus we had a mammoth training session under the supervision of our Mentor Teacher and IVA area rep, Rachel Black. All you IVA teachers who missed it, Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, You won’t believe how useful this session is and how much you can learn, build your confidence, learn how to use the IVA tools effectively and discuss freely with other teachers, all with Rachel’s guidance. Plus you really want to see the faces of the guinea pig singers amused by the excitement of the IVA teachers over the momentary success of a NAY NAY NAY. Thats vocal geekery for you!!!

Later in the afternoon we had a hugely insightful class with Gerald White on how to teach sight singing. Its amazing how many talented musicians struggle with reading scores. If you are one of those musicians who never fully conquered sight singing then you haven’t worked with Gerald White. With Gerald you start with the numbers of the major scale and being able to negotiate intervals using these numbers before seeing these numbers and intervals as notes on the score. Following this methodology in no time even for the absolute beginner sight singing becomes as easy as reading a book. If I tell you that 7 is the perfect number, after this class you'll know why.

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