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January 2016 Workshop Extravaganza

We are working on the events, come on this page for more future updates. 

- 21st January 2016 (6pm - 9pm) 

Michele Fischietti teaching Songwriting 


- 23nd January 2016 (2pm - 4pm)

Rhonda Carlson, Connecting with the song and the audience.

Performance workshop 


- 23nd January 2016 (4pm - 6pm)

Zofia Prucnal and Matt Burdynowski

Choral improvisation and Circle songs 


- 24rd January 2016

(afternoon FREE event)

IVA area group training


- 24rd January 2016 (5pm)

Gerald White, class on sightsinging and how to teach it. 


Michele Fischietti teaching Songwriting 

- Thursday 21st January from 6pm - 9pm.   

Reserved on the calendar pay on the day 

Full Price £30

IVA discount £25  



Michele Fischietti is a professional musician, a vocal coach, and the funder of WE SING vocal studio in Milan, Italy. He has 25 years experience of live concert in jazz music, fusion and pop.He is not only a singer, is also a pianist, guitarist, he plays bass and small percussions and he is an accredited composer. 


Vocal coach for the winners of the Italian talent show ‘Amici di Maria De Filippi’  helping them with the musical Footlose. 


In 2004 - 2005 and 2006 had been the vocal coach of different artists performing at the Italian song contest Sanremo Festival, the most popular contest and awards started in 1951 in Italy. 


He worked on the voices a varies tv personality and presenters some of these lead him to be one of the most successful coach for X-factor in Italy.


He has been a vocal coach for important and well known singers in Italy like Syria, Anna Oxa, Giusy Ferreri, Noemi, Finley, Gemelli Diversi, Neffa, Mario Rosini, plus he has been a vocal consultant for majors like Sugar, Sony, Universal and Warner Music. 


In theatre he worked manly with musicals shows like ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Chicago’, ‘Grease’ and ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ .


He worked with Seth Riggs and he has reach level 5 instructor and he has a diploma at Civici jazz school as a guitarist, arranger and composer. 


for more info go on Michele





Rhonda Carlson, performace workshop.

Saturday 23rd 2pm to 4pm 

Reserved on the calendar pay on the day 

Full price £25

IVA price £20


Have you ever wanted to be more connected to your audience?

Or be naturally expressive on the stage?

Would you like to conquer stage-fright?

Or connect with your true inner voice?


Well, here is your opportunity!!


World Class performance coach Rhonda Carlson will be online from Vegas teaching a 2 hour workshop on performance techniques

It’s all about connections! Connecting to the music, connecting to the lyrics, connecting to the audience. Participants should bring comfortable clothing and be prepared to move. There will also be individual work with songs so feel free to bring a song to work on with Rhonda.





Matt Burdinowski and Zofia Prucnal

Choral improvisation and Circle songs 

Reserved on the calendar pay on the day 

Saturday 23rd 4.30-7pm

Full Price £25

IVA Price £20


Choral improvisation workshop 4.30-6pm and Circle songs 6-7pm


These workshops are a wonderful opportunity to explore your voice and creativity working within a group where the collective involvement and cohesion between singers helps to release your inner creativity and free your voice.  It is a great opportunity to get to know your instrument better and to develop and free up your musical intuition. 


Part a) with Matt Burdinowski Choral improvisation will help develop awareness of the relationship between the individual voice and the choral texture in terms of blend, dynamics and expression all within a cohesive group. We will build listening skills, rhythmic co-ordination, and body awareness as a singer as well as building trust and confidence within the group to provide a space for vocal exploration and creativity to improvise as a soloist and as an accompanist.


Part b) with Zofia Prucnal, Circle songs will help you to sing freely without constraints of style or form, without inhibition, interacting with those singers around you embracing all sounds, rhythms and ideas so that each singer finds their creative space within the circle of singers.




Gerald White, 

Sightsinging and how to teach it 

Reserved on the calendar pay on the day 

Sunday 23rd 5pm

Full Price £25

IVA Price £20 



This class is for all singers and singing teachers who need help with how to teach sight-singing.


Being asked to sight-sing can strike fear into the heart of even the most experienced vocalist. Though it has traditionally been part of the singer's education, very few graduate with the ability to do it well.

Gerald White is an experienced session singer with a long list of professional credits, including "Glee," "Avatar," and the Oscars. The goal of his popular sight-singing class, L.A. Sight Singer, is to remove the mystery from the process of sight-singing and make this rare skill available to singers of all levels

Rhythm is often the most difficult part of sight-singing, Gerald starts from the beginning with rhythm, teaching whole notes, half notes, and then just a lot of drilling.  Intervals are handled by a number system over scales combined with vocal muscle memory. 


If you struggle with sight-singing or teaching sight-singing do not miss this class!!  Its truly amazing!!


Book for this workshop on Rachel's calendar 
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