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Sami Sumner

"I have been having lessons with Rachel for about 2 years and I feel like I have found the perfect vocal coach! Not only is her technical expertise second to none and her musical guidance incomparable, Rachel also understands the "other side" of singing. She understands that singing is as much psychological as it is technical and has profoundly helped me with confidence, belief in myself and acceptance of my natural singing voice - even to the point of loving my voice! Isn't that what most singers secretly struggle with?

I always come away from a lesson feeling really positive, optimistic and overall good about myself - unlike some other teachers I have encountered in the past who can leave you feeling despondent and down about yourself. 

My voice has improved vastly since being coached by Rachel, I recommend her to anyone and I look forward to many more vocal breakthroughs! Throughout my career, I intend on being coached by Rachel for as long as she'll teach me! Not only is she a fabulous vocal coach, she is a dear friend too! "

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