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  • Lessons at the studio or other locations

  • Lessons online – skype - Whatsapp - FaceTime

  • Vocal Assessment

  • Preparation for auditions and concerts

  • Coaching in the recording studio

  • Support with the creative process

  • Help with linguistic issues and accents

  • Workshops

  • Lessons tailor-made to the student’s specific vocal needs

Lessons are recorded onto CD, and the recording should be used as your primary practice tool between lessons.

The studio is equipped with many backing tracks, songbooks and chord charts. The students are welcome to bring their songs and repertoire, CDs, sheet music or chord charts for either guitar or piano accompaniment or simply a melody in their head!



Vocal assessment is carried out to isolate problem areas so that the appropriate vocal exercises can be implemented to suit the student’s specific vocal and stylistic needs. The student’s personal goals will be discussed and evaluated so that a program of study can be put together.

Lessons can be bought in advance by PayPal, cheque or direct debit.
Feel free to email

Discounts are available when you book a block of lessons, and vouchers are available for gifts.


Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged at the full fee.


Studio equipped with:-
Piano, guitars
Applemac, printer+copier, internet
Backing tracks, spotify, itunes
Sheet music and songbooks
Mic and PA stystem
16 track digital recording studio
superscope cd lesson recorder 

Samba the working cocker spaniel - who can be absent or present on request!

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