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Please read through so that you are clear on our policies.

When you book a lesson:  ​


- Regardless of circumstances, the full rate will be charged for all lessons not rescheduled 24 hours before the scheduled time 


- Lessons fees are redeemable but not refundable 


- In case of late arrival by the student, the lesson will still finish at the scheduled time. If the teacher is late the lost time will be made up. 


- Students should not attend the lesson if they are sick with cold, cough or flu or anything else contagious. This is really important so that the germs are not spread to other singers or to the teacher as it can put us out of work for weeks. If you feel like you are getting sick please reschedule the lesson. In case of doubt always contact us first to discuss. 


- Blocks of 6 or 10 lessons are paid in full in advance. They are valid for 6 months for the 6 hour package and 10 months for the 10 hour package. After this time the package will expire.


- Lessons are booked and managed by online payments through our website . In some circumstances lessons can be paid in cash before or on the day of your lesson if agreed by us. Please organise your lessons through the booking system. 


- Increasingly Rachel is called out to teach or present at events or to work on tour with artists. This can lead to cancellations of lessons. If your lesson is cancelled, please help us to reschedule it as soon as possible so that it is not left for weeks or months later.







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